5:00 PM17:00

December Social

Where: Main room of Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery (928 SE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214)

What: Connect with fellow ecologists to celebrate the end of the year! There will be no particular discussion topic, although as per our December tradition, interesting or silly "stories from the field" always welcome. Bring $5 for the lottery and if you're lucky, you could win some fun holiday gifts.

We look forward to seeing you for some holiday cheer!

Susan, Toby, Adrienne, Joe & Christa

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Environmental Justice with OPAL
5:30 PM17:30

Environmental Justice with OPAL

We are very excited to announce that this month we will have a presentation
by Shawn Fleek from OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.  Shawn will give us
an introduction to environmental justice, and we will discuss how it
relates to the work that we do.  As usual, we will be raffling off some
amazing prizes, so remember to grab some cash.  All proceeds from this
month's raffle will go to support the great work that OPAL does.

For some background information, here is a description of
Environmental Justice from the National Resources Defense Council.

"Championed primarily by African-Americans, Latinos, Asians and Pacific
Islanders and Native Americans, the environmental justice movement
addresses a statistical fact: people who live, work and play in America's
most polluted environments are commonly people of color and the poor."

here's some links for more information
NRDC - Environmental Justice Movement


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Applying Resilience Thinking to Natural Area Management Discussion
5:30 PM17:30

Applying Resilience Thinking to Natural Area Management Discussion

We will talk further about Dr. Lance Gunderson's ideas about resilience, and how we can apply resilience to managing our natural areas.  We will give a quick summary of last month's lecture, and an overview of resilience thinking.  How can we manage natural systems and allow for the panarchy loop (adaptation, creative destruction, and resilience).  Come join us in the barrel room!  You'll have to walk through the back (past all the brewery equipment) to find the room.  Bring some cash to buy raffle tickets to win some prizes, including some Hopworks beer!

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6:00 PM18:00

Lance Gunderson talk and Discussion

We are so excited to announce that "resilience giant" Dr. Lance Gunderson will speak in Portland August 9th at Taborspace from 6-8pm.  He is the co-editor of "Panarchy" and is the chair of the board for the Resilience alliance and has been researching and communicating about using a resilience framework to understand social-ecological systems.  Portland Ecologists Unite! and Society for Ecological Restoration NW have teamed up to present this unique evening.  After the lecture we will have a chance to connect and build our own resilience(!) to the sounds of Broken Pipe Jones and some beers from Hopworks brewery.  Thank you to SERNW and EMSWCD for their financial support and for Friends of Trees being our fiscal sponsor!! We will have a signup sheet online soon and send that information your way.  Mark your calendars!  Click here if you are an SERNW member

If you are not, click here

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6:00 PM18:00

Art and Ecology Show opening

An exhibition of Pacific Northwest artists curated by Linda Wysong that coincides with the annual conference of Ecological Society of America (ESA) with the goal of advancing conversation and collaboration between the sciences and the arts.

Peg Butler

Bruce Conkle

Egg Dahl

Ardis Defreece

Adam Kuby

Vanessa Renwick

Buster Simpson

Linda Wysong

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